Trying a new way of eco printing the paper

So heres the down low on prinkting with paper. Soak in warm water… Lay out your materials.

paper feb11-4 - Copy paper feb 11-5 - Copy

Bind up between two tiles, your choice of smooth side in or our, but ridges will cause some texture on the print.

Steam for 2 hrs.

paper feb 11-6 - Copy

Voila!!!            The print below is overlapped with an apple leaf and pineapple Kush

paper feb 11-1 - Copy paper feb 11-2 - Copy

Pineapple Kush W/ Cedar     Eucalyptus

paper feb 11-7 - Copy paper feb-8 - Copy

Smooshy Pineapple  Kush with tea

paper feb11-9 - Copy