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Easter is the time of year for Cannabis and Eggs!!!

To print Leaves ( Vegging ones work best) on to eggs you need a few things. A pot, water, panty hoses ( you can get cheap ones at Walgreens), leaves and eggs.

                           leaft - Copy

Fill a pot with cold water, enough to cover the eggs by 2 inches.

Cut a length of panty hose,, pull the panty hose over your hand, pick up the egg with the panty hose hand and lay leaf over the egg.  Pull the hose up over the egg and tightly to keep the egg flat. Twist it at the back and make a small knot.

                                            panty hose - Copy

Put all little bundles in the pot and simmer on Medium heat, once it has boiled for 20 minutes.

                                      boiling bot - Copy

Remove the eggs from the pot and let them cool. You can remove the hose, but do not remove the leaf until the egg is cool because the pigment might some off. Use as hardboiled egg, or bake into Easter Bread.

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