I got to the Golden Tarp but wasn’t able to judge. Maybe next year.

I was able to look at some of the entries. They all smelled awsome.

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I was able to give a print to a farmer I respect very much, Casey with Happy Days Farms. Digitalactivism.tv is going to have the talks posted from the GoldenTarp the very last talk, Casey outline what I think it means to be a modern Cannabis farmer, growing to just Cannabis but food too. Much respect to him.

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All sorts of goodies for 215 Patients.

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Synergy Insect Frass, CBD salve from Emerald Family Farms 🙂 CSI- Slow Flo Seeds, Pure Analytical had a nug holder with a nice coupon in it that Im sure will get used.

There was also an  Art Show (I talk about just my prints here)

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Here was a talk on Edibles

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And the winner at the end!

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What a great event. It had wonderful speakers,public resources, education, entertainment and local products.