I had been asked to put up a few of my pieces at the Goldentarp.

IMG_5906 - Copy IMG_5908 - Copy


Fall Found

Maple, Alder, Blackberry, Cannabis
On Silk Charmuse

IMG_5898 - CopyIMG_5902 - Copy

Swift Slope                                                          Leaving Light

Cannabis, Eucalyptus- printed on silk noil         Cannabis, Alder, Eucalyptus-

IMG_5903 - Copy       IMG_5901 - Copy

The Divison                                                           Pipes Scarf
Maple, Cannabis,                                                   Smoke Bush, Alder
Inigo(locallygrown), Oak on Silk Noil-                    Cannabis, Oak
Silk Charmuse-70$

IMG_5900 - Copy              IMG_5899 - Copy

Print on Watercolor paper-                           Silk Wall Hanging               Euca/Canna Print

Cannabis with Oak