I have been Playing with a new technique There are three different scarfs here Im not exactly please with any of them.

This is the First One ( there  is no Cannabis on it)

image_6 - Copy image_8 - Copy

The Scarf #2 was  pre dyed using Eucalyptus and Mullein. I do not like the Folds and this is the 4th scarf I have tried with this method. (The black dots were from a scarf that was drying next to it)

image_5 - Copy image_23 - Copy

The  Third scarf I used a Purple Cannabis Leaf, it seemed to print but after being washed dried and Ironed the Purple Faded back to green 😦

image_10 - Copy image_11 - Copy image_15 - Copy image_12 - Copy

Good lesson but think I will stick to what I have regularly doing for now.