So it was my Birthday. I don’t let Facebook post it because well I came from a time when people actually knew when your birthday was, not just because some social media told you… So  I had only two posts on my Facebook wall and that is ok by me.

My little Puppy and I went to the Beach because it was her birthday too!

IMG_6001  IMG_5992 - Copy

I friend sent me the nicest package from the East Coast which was filled with Tea and spices, Socks ( I go through alot of wool socks) and all sorts of goodies


My Lovely Sister sent me a 100$ Gift Certificate to Dharma Trading Company which will undoubtedly go to silk.

IMG_6065 - Copy

My mum who made me an Apple Pie ( this is what I prefer for my Birthday) and  delicious Humboldt Grass Fed Beef Pot Roast dinner.

She gave me some Money and Organic Cotton Hemp Jersey and a delightful book!!!

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