So I went to the Apple Harvest Festival In Fortuna This weekend. Its Such a great event, Fortuna Main Street HAS Vendors, Clendenons Cider has free cider and the BEST Apple Dumplins, then it Goes to Walgreens, Safeway, Rays, the park then back to down town with each spot having fun stuff to do. Between each spot there are hay Rid


es. Well I took Marnie Dog because she loves to drive down main street with her head out the Window so this was great! She got to ride the Hay ride all Around town.

It also went by the Fire Station where they had the Cost Guard Chopper

IMG_6029     IMG_6024

The next day I went to the the 4-H Lamb BBQ!!! Which is so great!! They have the 4-H kids, lamb, pork and Goat that has been pit BBQed . There is a live and silent auction. Then at the End of the BBQ they sell the extra meat.

IMG_6038 IMG_6041