Late in the afternoon on a Friday, I called my friend Tash Wesp ( Felted Fusion)  in Oregon about taking a private lesson with her to up my eco printing skills. When she said yes I threw all my stuff in my  car and hit the road. I drove from Humboldt ( that’s 6 hours north of San Fransisco where the Sequoias are) to  about half way up the Oregon Coast. It is a very beautiful drive. Since I know not everyone who reads this blog is familiar with the United States here is a map.

map3   map2

These pictures were on the way down the coast from Oregon on the trip home.

IMG_6119 - Copy IMG_6127 - Copy

I arrived at her house and it was so great to see her! The next morning we started our experimentation on hemp/cotton jersey, and cotton fabrics.

I was completely blown away by my private lesson! I have been eco printing for a while now, and am sometimes disappointed when I take an eco printing class and don’t learn any thing new. That wasn’t the case this time. I learned so much and it was such fun.

This was the first shirt, it is all natural dyes using iron on cotton.

IMG_6129 - Copy  shirt

So you don’t have to be an Eco printer to understand but after I opened this bundle I was so excited. ( I don’t get excited much except about cheese and chickens)

Here is the second shirt, done the same way but with rusty water on cotton

IMG_6139 - Copy

IMG_6141 - CopyIMG_6140 - Copy

Then remember the Hemp/Cotton Mum bought me for my birthday? 

Well here it is in all its wonderfulness.

IMG_6092 - Copy

This is Cotton wish I had taken a before picture with because I had no idea what  I was going to do with it. Logwood. LOVELY right??

IMG_6148 - Copy  IMG_6150 - Copy

Then another sample of the hemp/cotton with logwood.

IMG_6162 - Copy  IMG_6164 - Copy

Then a piece of wool jersey ( this one is hers I liked the way it turned out)


Needless to say I had a wonderful trip! I learned so much about eco printing on new fabrics and she was a wonderful teacher. She lives in the coastal community of Newport, Oregon. There are lots of places to stay, with many activities if you wanted to go and take a private lesson with her I highly recommend it it to anyone in the area, or even to make a special trip.

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