So,I had a  hankering to go to a Pumpkin Patch. Well in Humboldt there’s Nor Hum and So Hum. Well I was more inclined to a So Hum Pumpkin patch, to find out there weren’t really any around me 😦

As luck would have it I was searching on Craigslist and I saw the College of The Redwoods Agriculture Farm had one. Well you would have never know if you hadn’t looked on CL.

So we drove out to Shively on the whim of $2 feeder pumpkins for the goats and chickens.

It was a bit longer then I realized, but pretty and worth the drive.

Of Course Little Rat attended.


There as my lovely Eco Printing Shirt.( not the best view I know.It is Cannabis dyed then Eco Printed)


You notice Im looking for just the right Pumpkin here. I carefully selected 4/ 5 pumpkins

IMG_6352 - Copy

Ended up Getting 5 nice big carvers for the Goats and chickens, ( we should have gotten more they and a whole bunch) .

IMG_6246 - Copy IMG_6248 - Copy

There was produce, they had peppers, tomatoes, egg plant, peppers and various Zucchini and squash in addition to pie pumpkins.


Of course the birds loved their treat!

IMG_6243 - Copy IMG_6244