So I decided to do Hempfest this year at the Mattel. I was only Vending on Saturday as I listened to many talks on Sunday.


Saturday was awesome I had Organics Hemp/ Cotton Jersey Cowls- Eco Print


I had Silk and Hemp dyed with Non Cannabis- Eco Print


I had Cotton Shirts that were dipped in Cannabis before they were dyed.Then Eco Printed


I had Silk Scarves that were dyed with Cannabis. ( need Pictures)

There were some really great people there.

True Humboldt, a Humboldt Sun Growers Guild was there, and  they some of those great people I was talking about. I really like these  folks. They have started an Ag co-Operative to help out in this new market.


There was awesome food cooked with hemp seeds. I had gotten a Vegetarian Sobo Salad with Hemp Thai Peanut sauce so tasty!!! There was also Beer,and you know I drank some.

There was this really cool guy from Kona selling pipes very very cool! Kona Pipes. Wish I had a little more cash to get one. ( Click on image to go to site)



There was also some really cool music that I liked. It was some type of funk…Tony “Strat” Thomas Funk Mob. I don’t usually shake my tail feathers but this sure got me moving.

I met this dude….

photo(26) - Copy


Then I drove home late at night but it was the best day.