While driving south bound on Broadway through Eureka, right by Neilson’s there was a sign for the Humboldt County Cup.

I was  excited. I have been waiting and hoping one of the local cups would be like a county fair. I wanted to see the entries and was hoping for ribbons and score cards.

Well The Humboldt County Cup hosted by Humboldt Norml was awesome and certainly met my expectations. While I wasn’t a judge,this guy was read his article .  I must not know the right people to be a judge, I guess, because for all the cups I have attend (The Golden Tarp, The Mecca Cup { I think you might have to pay to be a judge at that on}, The Humboldt County Cup ) I haven’t been chosen for any of these. Got to hobnob it with some new people I suppose. Oh well maybe next year.

There was an indoor vendor area during the day and a out door stage, the 215 Area, and then indoor that night ( I left because of live stock) there was more music.

I feel like they had a good flow, with checking peoples 215s in the Indoor Vendor Area.

Some of the indoor vendors were


The Emerald Magazine ( we already know how much of a fan I am of their Publication)


Dirty Business Soils Consulting- I love these gals they are real classy and always willing to talk dirt with you regardless if they have looked at your soil.


Pure Analytics – They had colorful diagrams and a microscope ( Saving money excites me esp paired with facts)


Norml Humboldt– Provided an informational book about Best Management Practices ( Click here for Facebook)

IMG_6423 - Copy

Humboldt Medical Cannabis Union– These Guys are voicing alot of concerns and are certainly trying to get feed back, committees and some sort of uniform standard for the local industry. I would highly recommend checking out their Facebook they were really informative.

I also saw True Humboldt again. I love their packaging so much! I was taking all sorts of photos. All the people were really polite and helped to answer all my questions I had a bout the guild. I was very impressed with their willingness to talk to me about local issues and testing. I  can’t urge you enough to go and check out their site, or set up a farmer meeting with them.


The man at Royal Gold was really nice when I asked for a Beer Cozy! Ive used RG for a long time so I  was appreciative for the Swag.

IMG_6499 - Copy

Smart Pot People. I took a  ” Not made in China Sticker” but couldn’t find it when I Was taking photos. I love these pots!

IMG_6501 - Copy

Forward on To the 215 Area!!!!


The first place coming in had welcoming people. But I don’t dab.

Grahams Brand



THCA- These folks are awesome. They always nice to you at the retail store, but they also  make time for you at events. What caring staff to take care of your medical needs.

IMG_6381 - Copy



Emerald Orchards–  I think they were still setting up when I walked through

IMG_6382 - Copy.JPG

Talking Trees Farms




Advanced Nutrients

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The Humboldt County Collective– Now I ve lived in Humboldt a while ( 15 years ot be exact). I don’t really keep up on dispensary Esp the ones in Eureka. These folks were real nice and had a large display of edibles ( I love this more then Flowers and esp when have something I can take home). They had this wonderful Humboldt Honey Baklava and Cotton candy fudge ( they allowed one sample per person and it was me and someone else). They were really friendly ( this goes a long way for me because its hard for me talk to people some times). Also they had like paper hand outs on information I dig this too!

CSI Humboldt– This is by far one my favorite Vendors at every Cannabis event I  go to. He always has seeds for you. A knowledgeable breeder who knows the history of different strains.  The free seeds I’ve gotten from him ( 5 in a tube) always come up, Sour Apple Bubba, Bubbas coronary Kush, Purple Dawg Bubs. The Bubbs girl I got from his was some of the very best out door. Im gonna get me the cornbread one day because I love it so much. If you ever need seeds please go to him. I had bought seeds from some one else the same time I got  free seeds from CSI, the seeds I bought from another seller only 1/12 came up an the one that came up was sickly. So go with CSI Humboldt if you need good seeds they are very reputable feminized seeds.

Kind Solutions-


Space Gem



SoHum Seed Company for ya CBDs


These are the Flower Entires


Here are the concentrates


The Edibles


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