One of the perks of living behind the redwood curtain??? When it rains the earth gives a natural bounty of Fungi, the weekend of thanksgiving there is always the wonderful Mushroom Fair at Redwood Acres put on my Humboldt Bay Mycology Society . You can imagine as  a natural Dyer how wonderful it is to be able to have access to such a friendly community of people to help guide you where to find and identify mushrooms.

This year I took mainly photos of dyeing mushrooms.IMG_6467 - Copy


These are some of my mums dyed samples. She volunteered to help Alissa Allen who does the Mycopigments

My Mum also keeps excellent notes ( the hate in the right corner is Alissas)

IMG_6478 - Copy


Miriam Rice  is often credited with popularizing dyeing with Mushrooms. She wrote  Lets Try Mushrooms for Color, Mushrooms for Color, “Mushrooms for Dyes, Paper, Pigments
& Myco-Stix

Sadly she passed away in 2011.

Alissa Allen is also popularizing dyeing with Mushrooms. She travels around teaching workshops on dyeing with Mushrooms. IT is a great workshop and should you ever have a chance to take one of her classes you should.

You could buy a blank scarf and dye it in mushroom dyes.


IMG_6476 - Copy

A lovely array of colors that are possible


IMG_6484 - Copy

Cortinarius auranriobasis-

IMG_6482 - Copy

Boletus edulis


Boletus fibrillosus                       Hypomyces lactifluorum


IMG_6481 - Copy

Boletopsis grisea



IMG_6483 - Copy

Boletus mirabilis


Here is a bunch of dye mushrooms.

IMG_6475 - Copy