What stoner doesn’t love Thanksgiving???? Its has long been one of my favorite holidays.

Ill never forget when my one of my sisters suitors came, and had to kill and pluck the Bird. Awesome.

Its been downright cold. Freezing Cold here. Here on the coast with every ones horticulture it can be bad this time of year even on Indoor Growers.

My mum and me had a tasty feast complete with Baked Brie with tasty cranberry garlic jam.

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Baked Brie with Cape Cod Cranberry Pepper Jam


Mince meat pies ( yes with real meat) one of my most favorite Holiday treats. The little meat pies shown . Other pies are a Apple pie and a Huckleberry one that I got at the Westhaven Summer Sale ( SOOOOOO good)

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Mincemeat, Apple and Huckleberry Pies