***** I am currently finishing writing a book on Canna Printing, as a result not too many pictures of my current work are up, please email me if you are interested in buying or viewing my work. ***

I have made and studied fiber arts and textiles my entire life. I am an avid worshiper of Nature. Art and life so often collide to bring about beautiful change.

I am a Fiber Artist who, Weaves, Hand Spins and Dyes. In addition also Eco Print.

There is a beautiful simplicity in Eco Printing that allows us to celebrate Nature.

I live on a property rich in forest dwelling plants. The levels of vibrant greens make me awed by nature.

sunset forrest

I enjoy using plants other than Cannabis, from the Pacific Northwest and Northern CA to Eco Print with. I feel it brings out the back ground of Cannabis.

Picture 008 dress

My goal in Eco Printing with Cannabis is to reuse a by-product of Medical Marijuana. I find Joy in seeing what unique piece of art I create from the by products. It is wonderful to create a rich and vibrant piece from Nature.,

eco work paper13-2

I collect Rainwater and Salt water. I use PH up and down from Vendor Days or from using Acid and Vinegar as some of my modifiers.

egg chicken

I feel it is my place to raise 90% of the meat I consume, and from Spring through Fall, I grow between 40-70% of my produce. I find much joy in the lifestyle I lead. I feel like an active participant in my life, food and health.

The garments I use are Up Cycled. If you ever take a Fiber Class from Judith MacKenzie MCCuin, you will find out we as American Consumers throw out alot of clothing. Many people have asked me to craft new garments. I am currently considering hiring a local seamstress to help me with this, but can’t quite bring myself to be not upcycle:/

While I also do regular types of Eco Printing, my main focus in my work is Cannabis.

Email: goldenhares@gmail.com