This blog is intended as a record of my works until my book is completed of Cannabis Crafting. I understand the tradition associated with fiber arts and how some portions build off of other individuals and creative techniques.

I live in a State and a Community where Medical Cannabis is legal. I by no means encourage or promote people using these materials in a way that is not legal in their states and community’s. I would also urge people to collect in responsible ways and not from producers that use toxic sprays.So I encourage readers of “Goldenhares” to:

1. The use of my blog is permissible for your personal use.

2. To provide links of my blogs in their own publications

3.Contact me for Public, Educational or Commercial use of my imagery or content in the use of workshops, classes, articles, books or any other form of display. and

4.Contact me if any of my images are to be used as the basis of new art work.