So… I realize I hadn’t posted in a bit. This was due to a multitude of things.
My computer failing. Going through three phones. I now have a great phone.
A strong Instagram following @goldenhares.

That isn’t the same as post with a story….

So, how to sum up this last year…
I have on going Kidney problems….
IVs hurt like a you know what.
Sometimes you leave the Hospital as in much pain as you went in with.
I raised way too many meat birds.
I learned to dye with mushrooms better.
I started making mushroom dyed and eco printed gloves..



. ( keep checking the shop or local events for them, as they sell out quickly.

Got Killian ( An angora rabbit, at the Humboldt rabbit show last year)
I found beauty in southern Humboldt, as I had a job down there last year until my kidney trouble.

Mendocino County fair and Apple Show is a blast!

I have a facebook. for Goldenhares Textiles:

I was in an Edition of the Emerald magazine for Eco Printing. ( Click here for digital version of magazine)


I was in an edition of the Emerald Magazine for an article I wrote on Edibles on the Oregon Coast ( Click here to see the digital version)



I like to Donate things to the Humboldt Botanical Society, Gala. Click here

You might make a beautiful product but no one will buy it.
Humboldt isĀ  my home, but I LOVE to vacation in Oregon.