Redwood Cup Awards

I went to the Redwood cup.

I wore this, that is natural dyed, cannabis, seaweed ecoprint silk.

Mushroom Dyed

Back before christmas I got some deadmans foot frpm someone. For the trade they wanted two Ecoprint scarves.


Here they are

This is the front and back of the first scarf. Ecoprinted with alder, fern, eucalyptus and strawberry.



Here is the front and back of the second scarf.

Using a diffrent kind of eucalyptus, alder, blackberry, strawberry, fern


Here are some upclose of both.IMG_20180109_202603_720

Humboldts Cannabis Chamber-January Mixer

January’s Cannabis Chamber. Was held at Dirty Business Consulting.

The mixers are always great.

In the raffle, I was trying to win seeds from CSI.

I also entered a mushroom dyed, cannabis printed Silk scarf.

Humboldt Cannabis Chamber-January Mixer

Humboldts January Cannabis Chamber was at Dirty Business soils.

I had hoped to win CSI seeds… but didnt.

I donated this mushroom dyed, cannabis ecoprinted scarf 🙂

Bayside Craft Fair

I had quite a few lovely pieces at the Bayside Craft Fair this year.

Unfortunately it was the same weekend as The Emerald Cup.



This one was lively. It was with mushroom dyes.




Art and Wine Fortuna Rotary

I recently did Art and Wine in the Park for Fortuna Rotary. ( I didn’t take any photos of the event).
Here is a picture of me in my booth.

res_1497398655425 - Copy - Copy
I had an assortment of Botanically Printed Silk Scarves, as well as my botanically printed Cotton Jersey Fingerless Mittens.

20170611_125053 - Copy - Copy20170611_125047 - Copy - Copy
Of course my favorite Pair of gloves sold! Also one of my favorite scarves. Its hard to be an artist sometimes when pieces sell.

Its been a long Year.

So… I realize I hadn’t posted in a bit. This was due to a multitude of things.
My computer failing. Going through three phones. I now have a great phone.
A strong Instagram following @goldenhares.

That isn’t the same as post with a story….

So, how to sum up this last year…
I have on going Kidney problems….
IVs hurt like a you know what.
Sometimes you leave the Hospital as in much pain as you went in with.
I raised way too many meat birds.
I learned to dye with mushrooms better.
I started making mushroom dyed and eco printed gloves..



. ( keep checking the shop or local events for them, as they sell out quickly.

Got Killian ( An angora rabbit, at the Humboldt rabbit show last year)
I found beauty in southern Humboldt, as I had a job down there last year until my kidney trouble.

Mendocino County fair and Apple Show is a blast!

I have a facebook. for Goldenhares Textiles:

I was in an Edition of the Emerald magazine for Eco Printing. ( Click here for digital version of magazine)


I was in an edition of the Emerald Magazine for an article I wrote on Edibles on the Oregon Coast ( Click here to see the digital version)



I like to Donate things to the Humboldt Botanical Society, Gala. Click here

You might make a beautiful product but no one will buy it.
Humboldt is  my home, but I LOVE to vacation in Oregon.


420 Hash Bash and Casual Crop Exchange- Humboldts 215 Farmers Market

So Trim Scene Solns. is an awesome Business in Redway that carries processing equipment.

They put on the 420 HASH BASH and Casual Crop Exchange ( 215 Farmers MARKET!)

They were awesome and decided to put on Humboldt County’s Casual Crop Exchange ( first ever 215 medical marijuana, Cannabis Farmers Market. YAY!!!


13001282_1335534549806413_2640428560019672884_n - Copy.jpg


Trim Scene Solutions

First I am going to show you some pictures from their store as they carry nice glass

In case you can’t tell I love animal Glass. Esp Birds.

Humboldt has so many wonderful artists! Whether its glass or textiles, wood or ceramics. Its absolutely amazing.

Of course they carry all kinds of equipment.

Casual Crop Exchange( 215 Farmers Market)

I actually didn’t take that many photos. There were lots of plants, Flowers concentrates, edibles, salves and food to be had. For even more photos of other vendors click here for the event photos. ( MORE PICTURES)

All sorts of sprays and tinctures, and salves. of course with CBDs

There was a copy of the Newspaper Concerning Medical Cannabis uses.


Me Vending. We had plants, Eggs, Chickens, Scarves and Salves.

13055364_269040176765599_2106585401183896416_n - Copy

I think no one knew my scarves were for sale so I am going to try to get more done for the next market. I also had one scarf that sold that I didn’t have a picture of.


Then I had this great cotton shirt that I dyed with the cannabis dye then also eco printed.Up-cycling and being able to reuse the clothes that re in the community I live in are as important as how ecological it is.

Here is the flyer for the next one!


Eco Printing for March

So sometimes its really hard to find time to blog. It is was to post on Instagram and easy to post on facebook but blogging gets left behind. So for my Eco printing for some parts Im going to combine Marches Eco Printing in t o one post.

Shirt #1

Shirt #2 was dyed with Cannabis dye to begin


Shirt #3 this was was my favorite. It was dyed in Cannabis too in the Beginning and Eco with Cannabis too.



Then Some completely random images.


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